Pre-draft Manager's Report

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Addendum 1 to the Manager's Report 3.12.2012.pdf

The purpose of the Manager's Report is to report on the outcome of the consultation process carried out prior to the preparation of the new Draft Kilkenny County and City & Environs Development Plans.  This report is submitted to the County and Borough Council Members for their consideration.

The report forms part of the statutory procedure for the preparation of new Development Plans.  This report is not intended to give details on all the issues that will be addressed in the forthcoming plans but gives recommendations on the issues to be included or the approach to be adopted as a result of the public consultation exercise.

Part 1 of this report consists of an introduction.  This part sets out the requirements for the Manager’s Report under the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended) and describes the next steps in the process of making the new City and County Development Plans.

Part 2 outlines the various elements of the pre-draft consultation process, including the advertising and awareness campaign, the public consultation meetings and development of the website. 

Part 3 consists of an analysis and summary of the issues raised at the public consultation meetings, on the website, and in the written submissions. This part includes the County Manager’s opinions and recommendations on the issues raised.

Part 4 contains the County Manager’s recommendations for policies to be contained in the Draft County & City Development Plans.

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