In relation to the Brewery Site, and on foot of recent meetings with various creative interests in the City; I think that there is potential in the development of a Creative Hub on the Brewery Site. This could bring together various disciplines such as the highly regarded Jewellery Making Course, Pottery, Animation, Graphic and Industrial Design as well as the possiblility of a Third Level Presence of a Drama/Theatre College linked to our municipal Watergate Theatre, specialising perhaps in Theatre for young audiences and technical aspects of theatre production. I am aware of one UK based college which from my discussions and involvement with Barnstorm would be interested in locating here. For Barnstorm it could provide a new focal point/space for its development and progression.

Secondly the location of a skate park within the site should be considered as a component of muti games or a ‘minority’ sports area to serve the city and county. Kilkenny Local Authorities have for many years tried unsuccessfully to secure a space for a municipal skate park and have the funding to advance a project. This could be done in the first phase of development of the site.

The Brewery Site should be included or selected as a Sustainable Energy Zone (SEZ) with the support of Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency. A motion supporting this initiative was passed in 2012 at Kilkenny Borough Council. The site could actually be a net producer of energy, connected to the grid via smart metering and able to supply heat and energy to surrounding business, social housing and retailers. The potential to go beyond binding targets set by the EU for energy conservation, reduction of use and renewable energy production could be realised both in new build and retrofit of existing buildings.

In terms of the overall development approach of the plan, Kilkenny Local Authorities should strive to achieve National targets for modal shift from private car transport to cycling and walking. This would require a radical shift in current road engineering, planning and public education. Current ambitions under Smarter Travel can be met and exceeded within the lifetime of the new plan.

Planning to provide a low floor, electric sustainable public transport service for the City should be a priority also. Such a service could be linked to a Rural Transport Service, park and ride facilities and a network of designated routes.

In waste management, the retention of the municipal waste and kerbside collection service should be a priority coupled with the introduction of a brown bin service for organic material by no later than 2015.

The Local Authorities should strive to select more sites for use as allotments and community gardens given the success of the Altamount Allotments and to provide local food security and social interaction. Developing ‘Green Infrastructure’ enhancing urban biodiversity and an incremental programme of tree planting around the city should be developed over the five years of the plan.

Finally I would suggest that we continue with developing more participative methods of engaging with communities and all sectors in developing these plans. Significant progress has been made and I think that Kilkenny could become a model of best practice in participative community led planning.

Well done on all the work to date!

Cllr Malcolm Noonan

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Cllr. Malcolm
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