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Dear Sir/Madam,

We refer to the Draft Kilkenny City and Environs Development Plan 2014-2020 which is currently on public display.  In this regard, we wish to make a formal submission in relation to the future requirements for educational facilities throughout the City and environs area.

We note and support the statements at section of the Draft Plan which confirm that: “…the planning system plays a critical role in anticipating future development…” and that it is one of the primary roles of the planning authority “…to reserve sufficient land within the identified development centres to meet likely future demands for community facilities including education”.  We also note that it is an objective of the planning authority to ensure that new school facilities should proceed in tandem with new residential development and that new schools should be located close to, or within, residential areas so that as many children/students as possible can walk or cycle to school. 

Section 3.4.5 of the Draft Plan sets out the relevant zoning objectives for the plan area and indicates the types of development which the Planning Authority considers most appropriate in each land use category.  Specific provision is made for the development of schools in areas which are zoned for Community Facilities.  Furthermore, community facilities are listed as permitted uses in areas zoned for Mixed Use Development, Low-Density Residential Areas, and Residential Areas.  However, the zoning objectives for residential areas do not make specific reference to the provision of new schools.  In the interest of clarity, we therefore respectfully request that the zoning objectives for Residential Areas and Low-Density Residential Areas in the Draft Plan be amended to specifically list schools as permitted developments in those areas.

We also suggest that schools be listed among those developments which might be “open for consideration” in Phase 2 development areas and areas zoned for recreation, amenity and open space

We trust that you will consider this submission in the context of the Kilkenny City and Environs Development Plan review process which is currently underway and we look forward to publication of the Manager’s Report on this and all of the other public submissions received.


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