D40 Wind energy and road policies

South Tipperary County Council welcome the opportunity to consider the Draft Kilkenny County Development Plan 2014 – 2020 and wish to make the following submission.
South Tipperary County Council wish to complement the dedicated website provided by Kilkenny County Council as a means of interacting with the Development Plan Review and the use of videos etc. greatly improves the accessibility of the review process to the general public.
In terms of cross boundary development it is noted that the Wind Energy Development Strategy is consistent with the South Tipperary’s in terms of Preferred or Unsuitable Areas.
What is of concern however is the identified re-alignment/improvement works in relation to the N24 detailed in Figure 11.1.
In 2007 it was decided that the N24 would be redesigned to be a Type 2 Dual Carriageway and this required a review of the preferred route corridor. In consultation with both the Road Design Section of South Tipperary County Council and the Regional Design Office it has been confirmed that the preferred N24 Route is now further north than that identified in the Draft Kilkenny County Development Plan. The relevant section of the Preferred N24 now passes to the north of Carrick on Suir and not through its administrative area. In consultation with the Tramore House, Road Design Office it was confirmed that the realigned route is the preferred route of the NRA and if money becomes available in the future it is the revised/preferred route that would be progressed. South Tipperary were also advised that such large infrastructure projects must be plan led and if such a project was not correctly reflected in the relevant plans of and strategies of the counties same passes through delays of any such project would be likely and this would directly impact on the priority in which these future roads would be provided.
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South Tipperary County Council
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