D31 Newtown House RPS

Re: Proposed Addition of Kilkenny College (Newtown House), attached three bay two storey over basement Classical style house, c1875, Castlecomer Road to Kilkenny City and Environs Record of Protected Structures in accordance with the Planning and Development Acts 2000 to 2012.
Dear Sir/ Madam,
We act on behalf of Kilkenny College and have been asked to make a submission in respect of the inclusion of Newtown House in the Record of Protected Structures.
For the avoidance of doubt, it is Newtown House which is the building identified in the NIAH (ref 12308024) and not Kilkenny College, which comprises a series of structures including Newtown House.
Newtown House has been substantially altered and extended over the years to increase girl boarder accommodation. Despite the alterations and extensions much of the original character of the building has been retained.
Newtown House
The NIAH does not detail the curtilage of the original house or the attendant grounds. There is however reference to the attendant ornate gateway onto Castlecomer Road which leads to Newtown House along a tree lined avenue. Permission was granted earlier this year to widen this entrance.
Entrance gate onto Castlecomer Road
If the curtilage or the current attendant grounds are considered to be the Kilkenny College School grounds, all structures in the grounds will be afforded protected status. There are no other buildings within the grounds that are of particular architectural merit.
In order to avoid a situation whereby the school needs to apply for a Declaration under Section 57 of the Planning and Development Acts each time it proposes to carry out any internal or external works to any building or other structure in the school grounds, it is requested that a "practical" curtilage and attendant grounds be identified for Newtown House.
The extent of the original Newtown House building is evident. Much of the original curtilage and attendant grounds have been developed. The setting of the house has largely been unaffected when viewed from the south (towards the front elevation) and when approaching the house from the original entrance onto Castlecomer Road (accepting the avenue is now only used by vehicles exiting due to the one way system). It is therefore requested that Record of Protection include a map identifying only the lands immediately in front and to the west side of Newtown House and the land between the house and the Castlecomer Road entrance and that, for the purposes of the Record, this map (attached) be regarded as identifying the present Curtilage and Attendant Grounds of the house.
Should you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Kilkenny College
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